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Lease LED dancefloor

As a partner by our lease program you will get an Enlighted Events LED Dance Floor for your use. You can offer your clients this amazing product and you will pay a reasonable fee every time you use the floor. No large investments that you need to earn back by many shows before you will make an profit. The floor will still be owned by Enlighted Events. Our mission is to make our floor available for everyone with the best technologies and pricing. This agreement is setup in a way you profit more than buying a floor of your own or rent it on event-based terms.

The partnerprogram is at this moment available in; the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, France, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark and Sweden. Due to the upcoming Brexit, we cancelled the availability for the United Kingdom till further notice.

Join our partner network! 


LED tanzboden mit LED wall

Lease partner 1-0-1!

The basics of our lease program are pretty easy. You get our dance floor for free and for your use to your customers. The floor is stored at your place and you do all the marketing effort. We expect to you to rent the dance floor at least 12 times a year. This seems much and yes, in the beginning this is challenging. But over the past few years we have a gained a lot of experience with it and we can tell that your booking will grow with time. Some of our partners rent their floor as much as 50 times a year!

Because the floor is at your own company you can show it to you own customers when they come by. It’s also much easier to place the floor at local or regional promotion activities. We guarantee, this will make it lot easier to get your customers to book the dance floor!

Are you interested, do’t hesitate to contact us, we are looking forward of meeting you and your company!

The benefits of our lease program

Your ‘own’ LED dance floor

  • No third party involved on your bookings
  • You can show the floor to your customers at your own place, our experience the are easier to convince when they see the product.
  • You can make your own rental prices with a larger margin.
  • The dance floor is cheaper to your customer as travel expenses can be calculated from your place.

Our rental network

The past few years we worked hard on a extended network in Europe. We want our network to grow, but not to dense. Therefore there’s only limited availability per region.

As lease partner you can easily rent extra m² at other partners, this keep your travel costs low and makes it easy to offer more m² then you have in stock.

Because of the network you can easily fullfill demands from you customer. Besides this, we see a lot of partners coöperate on other fields as well if they need something they can’t deliver themselves.


  • no investment, no long term abligations.
  • Easy to extend you stock temporary, when needed.

Enlighted Events services

  • In case of technical issues or questions, we are there for you! Even outside regular offices we deliver tech support.
  • Thorough training by our own staff, we teach you to create logo’s, text and visuals for the dance floor.
  • As LED dance floor experts you can always ask us for advice at larger events or programming. At larger events, our staff can help you on the job if needed.
  • While small repairs and daily maintenance can easily be done by yourself. Larger, or more complex, repairs will be done by us. For small repairs we send you spare parts.
  • Even with the great LED dance floor we have right now, we keep on developing new features and better products. As partner you benefit from this as well.
  • We connect you with the other members of the network. 


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