Dancing on the stars

Enlighted Events

Classic starlight & twinkle dance floor

This starlight dance floor makes a fairytale of every event. Dancing like you are dancing on a beautiful twinkling starry sky. This is the perfect visual to create a serene and romantic setting on every party. Because the LEDs only blink in white, a stylish chic look is created immediately, whereby the dance floor will not dominate. This makes this a subtle addition during the opening dance or during a stylish dinner. In addition to the comparison with a starry sky, the starlight floor is also often compared to the sparkling of a diamond. Thanks to this association, the twinkle floor is also very suitable as a catwalk or during a product launch.

Starlight twinkelende dansvloer met witte LED's

Full colour starlight & twinkle dance floor

For the people who love the twinkling effect, but find white to be very white, we have also developed a full color variant. This program combines the colorful possibilities of our LED dance floor with the serene flashing of the classic twinkle floor.

All options for your use

The advantage of our Starlight & twinkle dance floor is that in addition to these twinkling programs, 62 colourful other visuals are at your disposal. Are you done with dancing on the stars or is your dinner or the opening dance finished? At the touch of a button, the twinkle floor transforms into a real modern full color LED dance floor. Ready to party!

If you want to know more about our unique and all-round LED dance floor, please contact us to ask all your questions or request a quote without obligation.



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