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LED dance floor

Enlighted Events started out as Odeon drive-in-show at 1992. The company has grown into a real entertainment company that could deliver up to twenty drive-in-shows with dj’s at the same night.

Since 2008 Enlighted Events develops their own LED Dance Floors for mobile use. As all panels are used with the latest technologies available our LED Dance Floors are the most advanced in the European market. Our primary markets are the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria & Switzerland.

Our LED Dance Floors aren’t for sale. The floor panels are developed and manufactured by our own technical staff in the Netherlands. To guarantee a floor with the best available specifications and to be able to give customers the best available rate we work with a lease program that works like a rental network. Of course you can also rent our disco floor per event.




LED dance floor with mirrorball

Rent our dance floor

Looking for a LED dance floor for wedding, corporate party or event? 

Lease programm

Benötigen Sie öfter unsere Tanzfläche, dann ist unser Mietprogramm vielleicht genau das Richtige für Sie!

Specifications LED dance floor & controller


Specifications per panel

Dimensions (lxwxh)       

1000x1000x33 mm


16,5 kg


35 W (maximum)

Top layer        



Rubber buttons




3 pole XLR

Power supply m²          

48 Volt

Max load 

500 kg

Point load (max)    

100 kg


Specifications of the controller


100 W + 35W / m²

Dimensions (lxwxh) 

320x430x210 mm

Control by

Remote control

Software (laptop)







Dancefloor with seats and tables on it


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