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Discovloer groen met rood

Disco dance floor

This disco floor is the absoluut classic among dance floors! You and your guests will instantly get struck with the night fever the moment your feet touch this classic retro dance floor. Let’s go back to the 70s when John Travolta did his moves in Saturday Night Fever on an illuminated floor exactly like this one. Go backt to the era of disco and soul with this disco dance floor, where 4 basic colours form a pattern together.

The original 4 coloured disco floor is still often offered, the disadvantage of these original floors is the high step of approximately 15 cm. Most rental companies have replaced the old light bulbs with LED lamps to reduce consumption and heat. Of course this adjustment does not solve the height problem.

Our modern illuminated LED dance floor combined with the disco floor program gives the same nostalgic effect, but only has a height of 34 mm! Your disco platform sole is probably higher …

Are you getting bored with the disco pattern? With the push of a button, our ultra-low lighted LED dance floor brings you back to the present. The floor comes standard with 63 modern full colour visuals that are always within reach. This distinguishes the Enlighted Events disco floor from all other disco floors on the market!

Feel free to request a quote without any obligations and make your party unforgettable with this modern disco dance floor!


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