Terms and Conditions

I. Relevance terms and conditions

    1. All offers and agreements of enlightedevents.com are to the exclusion of any other general conditions these Terms and Conditions (further mentioned as: the Conditions) apply. These terms will be sent on request. These conditions can be consulted via the internet, visit: www.enlightedevents.com.
    2. Client declares when accepting an assignment to accept all terms and conditions as listed on this page.

1. Reconsideration period
Client may cancel the agreed order in writing within seven days after the conclusion of the booking without giving any reason and without any financial obligation. Cancellations can only be made by a registered letter. This letter is required within seven days after the confirmation of the booking by enlightedevents.com. This cancellation right does not apply when the show is booked less than 14 days prior to the date of the show.

2. Payment of the assignment
The payment of a delivery or service, excluding any deposit, takes place before the delivery / occurrence (cash) or no later than 10 days before delivery / occurrence (by bank). Only if otherwise agreed in writing and confirmed by enlightedevents.com may be deviated from them.

3. Cancellation
If the client terminates the contract before the job is finished or the time for which it is granted, it shall notify this by a registered letter to enlightedevents.com. Notwithstanding the right to compensation according to the law, has enlightedevents.com  the right to full compensation when canceling a contract, or at least a reasonable percentage of it, depending on the time of cancellation by the client:\r\n\r\nCancellation 1 month or less prior to the occurrence: 100% of the fee

Cancellation between 1 and 3 months: 75% of the fee
Cancellation between 3 and 5 months: 50% of the fee
Cancellation for more than 5 months prior to the performance: 25% of the fee

These costs are from the time of cancellation immediately due and payable. Any collection costs must be paid by the client. If canceled the traveling costs and any surcharges for waiting- and night hours don”t have to be paid.

4. Performance executor(s)
The client hereby declares to be familiar with the usual performance of the executor. The contractor will use its best performance. enlightedevents.com reserves the right to work with a change in staffing, where the quality of service provided by the executor is guaranteed.

5. Liability
Any damage to the dancefloor of enlightedevents.com caused by the audience or due to power failure will be fully reimbursed by the client. Smoking is not allowed on the dancefloor, any damage caused by a lighted cigarette or other burning objects will fully charged to the client. This also includes damage caused by rain, thunder, hail or other weather conditions, regardless of conformity with what is stated in Article 11. The payment will take place no later than one month after the damage is done and the appraisal value is determined. enlightedevents.com can not be held liable for damage to buildings, furniture, etc. provided by third parties.

The LED floors which are provided by Enlighted Events are provided with a good support. This support consists of several nozzles per tile making a low load per cap and thus creates a low pressure on the subfloor. When used correctly, this gives a maximum protection for the floor on which the LED floor is installed. Enlighted Events accepts no liability for damage caused to the floor on which the LED floor is laid. It is always the client and / or owner of the location which assesses wether the floor can be placed without additional measures or that extra protection is necessary between the LED floor and the subfloor. Entering the LED floor by attendees is at their own risk.

6. Safety
The Client guarantees the safety of the executor(s).

7. Delay
If the executor towards the commission delays, or expects to be delayed, he or she will contact the client. The client will make a phone number available. The executor will take immediate action to reach the destination as soon as possible.

8. Compensation
If a party fails to fulfill the contract, the damages will be equal to the agreed maximum fee payable by the defaulting party to the other party. This fee for non-performance is immediately due and payable. If a party is obliged enabling legal advice in connection with a dispute concerns a contract between the parties to which these conditions apply to the defaulting party or the losing party to the legal costs. These extra-judicial collection costs amount to 15% of the amount with a minimum of 250, – Euro, plus actual expenses and sales tax.

9. Right of publicity
If a contractor will find that the other party does not comply with the provisions of this Agreement, he or she will report to the other contractor within five working days after the action by a registered letter including the reasons. Then there is no right to complain more.

10. Existing stairs between the loading and unloading position and the place where the dancefloor should lie
The presence of a staircase should always be indicated in advance by the customer to enlightedevents.com. In this case, there is at least one person required to help out. Both by building up and breaking off the dancefloor. When there”s no help available, the executor may decide not placing the dancefloor.

Of course the above doesn”t apply in case of the presence of a proper lift between the loading and unloading area and the designated place in the building. It should be mentioned that the equipment must be transferred via a elevator and the elevator must meet the following requirements: The minimum dimensions of a elevator must be: 35.4 x 49.2 x 49.2 inch (WxHxD). The door must be at least 31,5 inches wide. The elevator must have a minimum lifting capacity of 350 kg. Also in this case extra charge.

Also the route between the unloading place and the place where the floor will lie must be hardened. Delay or not installing the floor caused by failure to meet the mentioned requirements will never lead to a compensation by enlightedevents.com. Any parking fees are charged to the client.

11. Equipment used by third parties
The use of equipment by guests of the client for plays, songs, etc. is only allowed if it is agreed in advance. Het gebruik maken van apparatuur door gasten van de Opdrachtgever voor stukjes, liedjes, etc is enkel toegestaan na overleg vooraf.

12. Facilities
The place should be inside or equipped with a solid roof when the occasion is given outside: the client creates a wind and waterproof roof on top, rear and sides. The place where the floor will lie must be a flat and hard surface.\r\n\r\nThere should be a power supply of two free groups of 16 amps.

13. Consumptions
The client should provide a consumption per hour per staff member of enlightedevents.com. This from the moment of arrival until departure.

14. Applicable law
This agreement is governed by Dutch law. Disputes are submitted to the competent judicial authority in Breda.

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