Enlighted Events

Europe’s leading LED dance floor company!


Pixel LED dance floor in full color

Our unique LED dance floor

The LED dance floor is our European bestseller!

  • Low weight
  • Extremely flat
  • Designed and produced by Enlighted Events
  • Strong construction
  • Plug & play
  • Easy to expand, when needed.


If you don’t need our LED dance floor to often, you have to check our rental page!


Wanna be in control? Owner of a venue or entertainment company? Go for lease!

You can find us all over Europe

Even while our homebase is in the Netherlands, we are working at events all over Europe. You can often find us in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. But we also find our way to France, Denmark and Italy. We are always looking for a new challenge in new countries and are expanding our lease-concept to Denmark, France and Sweden in 2019.

Countries where we work. Benelux, Germany, , Switzerland, Austria, France, Denmark and Italy

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